Viaport Marina Guide


A theme park, lion park, aquarium, shopping mall, aqua park, marina and entertainment centers located within Viaport Marina are of the essential functions of the Marina. Located in an area of about 600 thousand square meters, Viaport Marina offers the guests a different shopping experience in the shopping island with single-story, outdoor stores with a sea view all constructed on the sea. In addition to many awards it has, the Pirate Island Theme Park with 28 different units hosts the Red Fire, which is the 5th biggest roller coaster in Europe. Addressing the young and old alike, the Pirate Island Theme Park invites those who wish to experience the unexperienced to this spectacular world of “entertainment”. Crowne Plaza Istanbul Tuzla Viaport Marina Hotel, where you could enjoy accommodation on the sea, is near Sabiha Gökçen Airport, offering the guests an ideal accommodation option for both business travel and tourism travel purposes.

Viaport Marina



You are invited to Marina Aquapark Waterland, the largest aqua park in Istanbul, to enjoy the entertainment to repletion. With 12 extraordinary waterslides, 15 different water sports, wave pool, playgrounds and water parks, holiday knocks at your door this summer.

Viaport Marina Tuzla Aquapark Waterland, is a great option to cool off and entertain in Istanbul. You must visit this place to spend a beautiful day with your family and friends during the dog days.

It is easy to go to Aquapark Waterland from any starting point in Istanbul. You can use public transport vehicles or private vehicles to go to Aquapark Waterland.



The Pirate Island Theme Park offers the largest roller coaster in Turkey, and more! The Pirate Island is located on an area of 5,000 square meters within Viaport Marina.

Promising a unique entertainment experience and beautiful day for the guests of all ages, the Pirate Island Theme Park has 28 different entertainment units in total, including the Red Fire, a phenomena considered among the world’s most exciting roller coasters.

Hosting many different activities for kids, the Theme Park has many entertaining options such as a climbing wall, mini golf course, tunnel and tent playgrounds, trampoline, children’s theater, pirate ship and water fight game.



Viasea Aquarium is an aquarium of Turkey that has broken many grounds in its field. As the world’s first climate theme aquarium, Viasea Aquarium gives you an opportunity to see the lives of thousands of undersea creatures and reptiles living in different climatic zones.

Viasea Aquarium hosts more than 12,000 sea creatures in the exhibitions with 47 different themes located in a land of 8 decares. Offering the history of the Bosporus in a chronological order, Viasea Aquarium has the longest tunnel of Istanbul. The tunnel has predatory sharks, Nile alligators, giant turtles that are about to turn 100 and many others.

The Aquarium offers an opportunity to enjoy the day for families, couples and groups of friends.



Located in an area of 8 decares, the Lion Park hosts 30 predatory cats of 10 different species. In addition to 4 species of predatory cats including Lions, Tigers, Leopards and Jaguars, the species that are becoming rare in the wild such as Pumas, Wildcats, Lynxes and Servals are under protection in the Lion Park. There are 2 young males, 2 young females and one male cub of White Lions; there are only 30 of them in the world.

Serving also as a living laboratory for predatory cats, the Lion Park aspires to raising the awareness of environment protection, in particular for kids, and sheds light on endemic species that are becoming rare in the wild, and on the unknown aspects of them.

The Lion Park gives an option to spend some time and take a photo with lion and tiger cubs, promising the guests an unforgettable experience with excitement and entertainment.