Our Sustainability Policy


To minimize the negative effects of tourism on society and the world and to contribute to its positive development, we embarked on this long journey to integrate with the community we are in and to be integrated with the community we are in, through activities such as waste management, use of natural resources, informing employees about health, safety and child protection, and recognition of equal rights. Our work on taking part in the solution of problems will contribute to ensuring sustainability in tourism.

We know that the economical use of natural resources and the effective management of these resources are very important in terms of ensuring the sustainability of tourism. We aim to be an exemplary business in the hotel industry in our region, with the practices we carry out on sustainability.

Our aim is to provide benefits to the communities we serve through high-quality service, economic growth, environmental protection, social participation, and employment, by complying with all current sustainability-related primary and secondary legislation requirements and regulations.

We will set our sustainability goals and targets and will continuously improve our sustainability performance and minimize the impact of our activities on the world. We will raise awareness of sustainability among our employees, guests, suppliers, and society in general.

While institutionalized, in the light of quality management systems principles in accordance with international standards, with its young, dynamic, and enthusiastic staff structure.

We research the wishes, expectations, and needs of our guests and plan the most suitable services for them,

We provide products and production areas in accordance with the principles of hygiene and food safety in international standards, by making our service quality measurable, we set targets for the continuous improvement of the system and ensure the unity of the employees and the management,

To protect the environment and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism, we determine our environmental impacts and control our negative effects and wastes,

We work to minimize the use of natural resources, energy consumption, air, water, and soil pollution,

We try to ensure that our environmental awareness and social responsibilities are adopted by our guests, suppliers, local government, and non-governmental organizations. We share all our activities to protect our environment with the public.

To ensure continuous improvement for a sustainable environment by prioritizing our relationship with the environment in our activities,

To ensure the effective use of natural resources with the awareness of environmental responsibility,

To fully comply with the National Environmental Legislation and to follow the international legislation,

To ensure that our waste is reduced at its source in line with the National Waste Legislation and is disposed of through businesses authorized to process the relevant waste types,

To raise awareness about the protection of the environment, our employees will be consulted by organizing extensive training activities,

To inform our environmental policy to provide customer support, to evaluate the feedback as a continuous improvement tool,

To inform and guide our employees and guests in line with this purpose by taking saving measures regarding the use of Natural Resources,

We undertake to work to ensure that renewable energy sources are preferred instead of exhaustible sources in the consumption of energy resources, that we will prefer companies that produce and serve environmentally friendly products in our supplier selections, and that we will protect the rights of future generations on the environment and natural resources by following Sustainable Management Policies.